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2017年人教PEP版英语九年级下单元模拟测试 Unit 8 It must belong to Carla

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)1. --- Two hundred yuan for such a T-shirt! You                  be joking!
--- I'm not joking. It's made of silk.
A. can't
B. can
C. need
D. must

)k8彩票2. --- I don't really like James. Why did you invite him?
--- Don't wok8彩票rry. He                  come. He will be on the plane then.
A. mustn't
B. needn't
C. may not
D. can'k8彩票t

)3.                  it be true that Albert passed the test in geography?
A. May
B. Should
C. Could
D. Would

)4. Eric likes science. He                  become a scientist when he grows up. I'm not sure.
A. can
B. must
C. should
D. might

)5. They did many things to                  the storm from destroying their houses.
A. make
B. get
C. prevent
D. take

)6. Today, when we use QQ or MSN, we                  messages across thousands of miles in a few seconds.
A. speak and talk
B. use and accept
C. send and receive
D. ask and answer

)7. I am greatly interested in this painting. It                  the painter's deep love for nature.
A. expresses
B. discusses
C. expects
D. imagines

)8. --- Muk8彩票st I get up early tomorrow morning?
-k8彩票-- No,                 .
A. you mustn't
B. I don't think you have to
C. you can't
D. you need

)9. --- Must I return the hook tomorrow morning?
--- No, you                 . You can keep it longer.
A. mustn't
B. can't
C. needn't
D. couldn't

)10. --- May I go out now. Dad?
--- No. You                  let your mother know first.
A. can
B. may
C. need
D.k8彩票 must

)11. --- Difficulties always go with me!
--- Cheer up! If God closes a door in front of you, there                  be a window opened for you.
A. would
B. must
C. could
D. can

)12. --- Is that Mr. Green?
--- Impossible. He has gone to America. It                  be him.
A. could
B. must
C. can't
D. might

)13. --- Where's David?
--- He                  be in the playground because he likes playing basketball.
A. will
B. could
C. can't
D. mustn't

)14. --- How nice the building is! What is it for?
--- It                  be a hotel. But I'm not sure.
A. mustk8彩票
B. have to
C. might
D. can

)15. --- I was                  from going to Mike's birthday party by the heavy rain.
--- Really? What a pity!
A. caused
B. allowed
C. ordered
D. prevented

)16. k8彩票I                  a strange gift yesterday, and I still don't know who it was from.
A. took
B. accepted
C. receivedk8彩票
D. bought

)17. --- He has some trouble                  himself in Ek8彩票nglish.
--- He should do more practice.
k8彩票 A. explaining
B. expressing
C. expecting
D. exchanging

)18. --- Can we run across the road now?
­---k8彩票 No, we       &k8彩票nbsp;         . We have to wait until the light turns green.
A. nk8彩票eedn't
B. mustn't
C. couldn't
D. shouldn't

)19. --- Do we have to finish our homework this afternoon?
--- Yes, you                 .
A. mustk8彩票
B. can
C. may
D. need

)20. --- Mum, can I finish the work tomorrow?
--- No, you                  finish it today. Don't put off today's work till tomorrow.
A. may
B. can
C. might
D.k8彩票 must

二、reading comprehension(阅读理解)。(每小题2分,共32分)

        When Linda was cleaning her bookcase, a book fell off from the top. Then Linda remembered that she borrowed(借) the book from her friend Kate two months ago.
        Linda felt really sorry. Last month, Kate moved to America. What should she do now? Linda thought hard. Could she keep the book and never say anything? Or could she find a way to give back (归还) the book to Kate?
        "It's Kate's book. I must give it back to her," Linda thought. So she wrote Kate a letter and sent(寄出) the book with it:
Dear Kate,
        How are you? How is America? Do you have any new friends there? I'm very sorry that I didn't give back this book to you in time. I hope(希望) you can forgive(原谅) me.
        I miss you very much.
        Two weeks later, Linda got a letter and some books from America. The letter said:
Dear Linda,
        Thank you for the letter and the book. I came here about a month ago and I made some new friends. People here are very friendly. I'm sorry for not talking to you. I'm very busy. Here are some books about America. I hope you will enjoy them. You don't have to give back these books to me. Miss you!
)1. Why did Linda feel sorry?
A. Because she lost Kate's book.
B. Because Kate was angry with her.
C. Because she could never meet Kate again.
D. Because she forgot to give back Kate's book.

)2. How long did Linda keep the book?
A. For about two weeks.
B. For about one month.
C. For about two months.
D. For about three months.

)3. What does the underlined word "them" refer to (指的是)?
A. Americans.
B. Letters from Kate.
C. Some new friends in America.
D. Some books about America.

)4. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A. Linda doesn't have time to give back the book.
B. Linda hopes to visit America with Kate.
C.k8彩票 Kate sent Linda a letter with some books about America.
D. Kate forgave Linda bk8彩票ecause she gave back the book.

At 7:35 p.m. March 28
To: The manager Clothes Horse Store
Dear Madam/Sir,
     I am writing to tell you about an annoying experience I have just had in your store.
     Yesterday morning I bought a shirt from your store. The product was a red shirt, size 12, prize $140. When I returned home and took it out of the bag, the sleeve was almost completely off. I had traveled home in the train with the bag and treated it carefully.
     I went back to the store in the afternoon to return the shirt and exchange it for another. The shop assistant refused to exchange the shirt or return my money. She told me that I must have worn it already and caused the damage. I told her this was impossible because I had bought it that morning. She still refused to give me my money.
     I have bought things from your store many times and my friends also went here. I am extremely disappointed with your shop assistant. This should have been a simpler. I look forward to hearing from you and working out this problem as soon as possible.                                                                                                                                                                                             Yours sincerely,                                                                                                              Jenny Moms
)5. What was wrong with the shirt the writer bought?
A. It was the wrong colourk8彩票.
B. It had no sleeves.
C. One sleeve was almost off.
D. It was the wrong size.

)6. When did the writer return to the store to talk about her problem?
A. Morning of March 27.
B. Afternoon of March 27.
C. Morning of March 28.
D. Afternoon of March 28.

)7. The assistant refused to help because she thought                 .
A. the writer had bought the shirt at another store
B. there was nothing wrong with the shirt
C. the writer had damaged the shirt herself
D. the writer was very k8彩票rude

)8. Why does the writer use the underlined sentence "I have bought things…"?
A. To warn the manager that he may lose some customers.
B. To show the manager how popular she is.
C. To express how much she usually likes this store.
D. To show that she enjoys shopping very much.

)9. Which of the following does the writer probably want?
k8彩票A. To get presents for her friends.
B. To have her shirt exchanged.
C. To get the store closed.
D. To have the shirt repaired.

        The word rodeo comes from the Spanish word for a place where cowboys sold cows.
        In the 1800s, cowboys from the southwestern United States came together in one town a few times each year in order to sell their cows. After they sold their cows, the cowboys had money and free time. They often tried to show off how well they had learned to ride and rope cows over the past year.
        In 1888, the people of Prescott, Arizona began to sell tickets to these cowboy shows. After the show, prizes were given to the best cowboy acts.
        Since the first rodeo in 1888, rodeos have grown in popularity. Now people can see them 12 months out of the year in parts of the United States, Canada, and Australia.
        The most popular things to see at rodeos are wild horse riding with and withok8彩票ut a saddle, tying baby cows, and "bull wrestling."
        In bull wrestling, the cowboy must jump onto the back of a running bull. Using only his hands, the cowboy has got to stop the bull by making the bull fall to the ground. The cowboy who can do this the fastest is the winner.
        Women do not usually take part in the main rodeo show, but women can compete in some evk8彩票ents, like tying baby cows and racing in a special horse race.
)10. In which country was the first rodeo held?
A. Australia.
B. Canada.
C. Spain.
D. The United States.

)11. What event can a person sek8彩票e in a rodeo?
A. Bull wrestling.
B. Cow jumping.
Ck8彩票. Horse running.
D. Finding prizes.

)12. In rodeos today, women                 .
A. compete in all events
B. do not compete in any events
C. compete in some events
D. only sell tickets to events

        Students these days often have a lot of worries. Sometimes they have problems with their schoolwork, and sometimes with their friends.                
        Some people think the worst thing is to do nothing. Laura Mills, a teenager from Washington, agrees. "Problems and worries are normal in life," says Laura. "But I think talking to someone helps a lot. If we don't talk to someone, we'll certainly feel worse."
        Laura once lost her purse, and worried for days. She was afraid to tell her parents shout it. She even walked three miles to school each day because she didn't have any money. She just kept thinking. "If I tell my parents, they'll be angry!" But in the end, she talked to her parents and they were really understanding. Her dad said he sometimes made careless mistakes himself. They got her a new purse and asked her to be more careful. "I will always remember to share my problems in the future!" Laura says.
        Robert Hunt advises students about common problems. He feels the same way as Laura. "It is best not to avoid our problems. We should always try to solve(解决) them." He thinks that you can first find someone to talk to. This person doesn't need to be an expert(专家) like himself. Students often forget that their parents have more experience than them, and are always there to help them.
 In English, we say that sharing a problem is like cutting it in half. So you're halfway to solving a problem if you talk to someone about it!
)13. Which of the following can be put in the blank in Paragraph One?
A. What can they do about thik8彩票s?
B. Where do the problems come from?
Ck8彩票. When did they have these problems?
D. Why do they have so many problems?

)14. In Paragraph 2, the writer used the story of Laura to                 .
A. answer a quek8彩票stion
B. give an example
C. introduce his friend
D. share his experience

)15. According to the passage Robert Hunt might be       &k8彩票nbsp;         .
A. Laura's teacher
B. the wrk8彩票iter of the passage
C. a person with a problem
D. an expert on students' problems

)16. What is the main idea of this passage?
A. Few children are careful with their money.
B. Parents are more experienced than children.
C. Talking to someone helps to solve problems.
D. Students often have a lot of worries at school.



Thanks for(出席) the charity show, ladies and gentlemen!



2. They should get(医疗的) help immediately.



3. Helping others is the most(有价值的) thing in thek8彩票 world



4. She can(表达) herself in good clear English,



5. The(目的) of the meeting is to tell us to control the population.



6. He is(勤奋的) than his brother.

参考答案:more hard-working


7. He tookk8彩票 up his(位置) by the door.



8. Don't make a(噪音) while we are studying.



9. Have you ever(收到) a present that you really hated?



10. His father has the ability to be one of the best(领导).




(1). Is it necessary to a                 the meeting?
(2). The watch cost me 1,000 dollars. It's v                .
(3). Helen didn't go to bed until 11:30 last night. She feels s                 now.
(4). Obama is the l                 of America.
(5). --- Why do you come here?
--- The p                 of my coming here is to see you.
(6). The boy is full of e                 and never feels tired.
k8彩票 (7). I can't e                 my feelings, because I am too happy.
(8). The bed used to be in this p                . Now it isn't here.
(9). The 2014 Sochi Winter Olk8彩票ympics is a v                 for world sport.
(10). Who is more h                 at school? Are you both lazy?

参考答案:1. attend
2. valuable
3. sleepy
4. leader
5. purpose
6. energy
7. express
8. position
9. victory


(1). 这个笔记本一定是明的。它在她的书桌上。
 The notebook                                   Ming's. It was on her desk.
(2). 这支钢笔不可能是刘颖的。她的钢笔是蓝色的。
This pen                 k8彩票;                  Liu Ying's. Her pen is blue.
(3). 这把吉他也许是爱丽丝的。她弹吉他。
 The guitar              k8彩票;                                 Alice. She plays the guitar.
(4). Look! The alien is       &k8彩票nbsp;                           (追赶) the man.
(5). 我认为老师不会阻止我在周末玩电脑游戏。
I don't think my teacher will          k8彩票        computer games at weekends.
(6). 那个年轻女士一定是在跑步锻炼。
The young woman                                                    for exercise.
(7). 这个包不可能是本的,里面的书是比尔的。(仅限2词)
The bag                  Ben's. The books in it are Bill's.
(8). 如果你知道它可能在哪儿,请给我打电话。
If you have any idea where it                                  , please call me.
(9). 警察追着那个黑衣人,进了一条小巷。
The policemen                                   the man in black                  a lane.
(10). 我们必须阻止k8彩票这件事的发生。
We must                  it                  happening.

参考答案:1. must be
2. can't be
3k8彩票. might belong to
k8彩票4. running after
5. stop me from playing
6. must be running
7. can't be
8. might be
9k8彩票. ran after; into
10. prevent, from


      DNA is the whole “map” of the human body. It is something that all humans have, and it tells the body what to do. DNA is the reason that we look like our parents, because we get some of their DNA to make our own.
      People have been trying to understand the human body for a long time. In I860, Mr Mendel discovered why we look the same as other people in our family. It is because of small things called “genes”(基因) in our body. In 1953, two scientists, Watson and Crick, found out that those small parts are really messages. They're written in the DNA with a special language.
      In 1961, another two scientists found the first “word” that they could understand in that language. It shows how DNA tells the cell(细胞) to build its parts, Scientists have now found all  the words in the DNA map, but we still do not understand what they all do. By understanding what just one “word” means, we can help to save people from several illnesses. So the more we understand, the more doctors will be able to do.
     Most people hope that this will help to make better medicine and help sick people; Other people worry that when we Icam more “words” and find out more information, we will use it in the wrong way, just to make people more attractive(有吸引力的), or stop sick people getting jobs.
(1). Do all humans have DNA?
(2). When did Mr. Mendel discover why we look like our other family members?
(3). What did the two scientists find in 1961?
(4). Why do some people worry about learning more “words” in the DNA map?
(5). What is the passage mainly about?

参考答案:(1). Yes.
(2). In 1860.
(3). They found the first “word” that they could understand in that language.
(4). Because they think we will use it in the wrong way.
(5). What the DNA is and how we understand it.



1. 单项选择题。(每小题1分,共20分)

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2. reading comprehension(阅读理解)。(每小题2分,共32分)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

3. 填空题。(每小题2分,共20分)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

4. 按要求做题。(每小题10分,共30分)

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